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Take a deep breath and bravely say it with us: summer is pretty much over. Ouch. Cuts deep, doesn't it? But the more optimistic among us see the new season as an opportunity for a style refresh. And where better than up top? With the help of Denis Robertson, creative director of British barber supremos Ruffians, we've rounded up the three most stylish 'dos for autumn 2017 to consider before you leap back into the hairdresser's chair - and some tips on how to maintain each look after you leap out of it...

This style has been absolutely ruthless in its tactics to dominate the hair trends of this season - it's come at us from both the catwalks and the world's coolest districts, and harks back to the late 90s - like pretty much everything else in fashion right now. 'It's good for squarer facial shapes,' says Denis. 'You want tight and faded sides with this style.MCM Women Belts Outlet Tell your barber you'll be wearing this look forward with a blunt fringe, and ask them to create a loose texture through the top.' Style it by applying paste to damp hair, and dry forward using the nozzle on your hairdryer.

The traditional city worker quiff's been strapped to a rocket and sent stratospheric this season, with a far more relaxed iteration sure to be seen atop the more style-conscious nine-to-fivers. Yep, you'll need to wake up five minutes earlier each morning to get that loose texture look going - with a combo of backwards blow-drying and a rough but precise application of styling paste - but damn, it'll be worth it. Want in? 'Ask for the traditional quiff haircut but explain you're going to be "wearing it loose",' says Denis. 'Your barber will remove some weight and chop down into the length so the hair can be worn looser. The sides are pretty much up to you - this can be worn with a variety of lengths from tight fades to sweeping length tucking behind the ear.'

Thought that the only 'do that perfectly mixed business and party was the hillbilly mullet? Thankfully - really thankfully- you're wrong. The nostalgic curtains, a 90s boy band fave, are back in a big wayand can be worn straight-outta-bed messy or smart enough for a board meeting. It's ideal for mid-length locks, although fear not if you're not quite there yet: 'If you don't yet have the length for this look, let your barber know you plan on rocking curtains,MCM Men Backpacks Outlet and they can start to create the style to grow into. Ensure the back and sides are kept much shorter, or if you want to go for a dramatic look, ask for an undercut. 'At home, dry the hair forward and flat using a paddle brush then sweep it back to achieve a little lift at the centre parting. Then, spray hairspray onto your hands, rub them together to make the product a little drier, and push hair back off the face.'

MCM Women Belts Outlet
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